Start reclaiming your energy, vitality and sense of self.

Lab Review

Our HRT physicians will consult with you to review your lab results, and discuss any current complaints, conditions, and symptoms you may be experiencing.

Discuss Treatment Options

Based on a review of your lab results and health history, a physician will recommend the best treatment options, and suggest any supplements that may be needed to help you achieve optimal hormone balance.

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans for men and women are less than $200 per month, which include your treatments, supplies, and access to our patient care team.




Quest Diagnostics Lab Panel – A $375 Value
In-Depth Consultation with a Certified Physician
Custom Patient Portal to Review and Track Progress

Access to Exclusive Member Treatment Options



The clinical service set-up fee covers your initial electronic medical record review, Quest Diagnostics lab services to determine current hormone levels and other key wellness attributes, and your first virtual provider’s visit.

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