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Signs of Low Testosterone
Hot flashes
Hair loss
Weight gain
Loss of memory
Night sweats
Loss of muscle
Adrenal fatigue
Urinary Problems
Erectile dysfunction
We understand the importance of personalized HRT treatment plans.
Every man has his own unique set of circumstances and must be treated as an individual. Our physicians use a combination of comprehensive diagnostic lab work, feedback from the patient, and medical history and symptomology to determine the patient’s individual Testosterone Therapy regimen.

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HRT Treatments May Help
Improve Sleep
Elevate Mood
Decrease Belly Fat
Increase Motivation
Muscle Tone & Definition
Amplify Energy
Sharpen Memory & Focus
Elevate Physical Ability
Hormones in Men

Testosterone is the life source for the male body, which is filled with testosterone receptors. If testosterone levels dip, these receptors will not receive enough testosterone and results in Low Testosterone symptoms. Since many healthcare professionals consider men from age 18-70 to have the same range of what is considered “normal” testosterone, many men begin seeing deficiencies, but do not have access to therapy through their primary care physician. Bio Performance HRT doctors don’t think in terms of normal levels—we think in terms of optimal levels. Optimal is where a man feels and functions at his best, without unpleasant symptoms.


Small amounts of estrogen improve cardiovascular health, enhance brain function, and prevent osteoporosis. Many men have too much estrogen, which can result in symptoms like fatigue, low sex drive, and belly fat as well as an increased risk for prostate cancer.


Elevated estrogen usually occurs as testosterone declines, which can cause most men to accumulate fat–primarily belly fat. Fat contains an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen. When men age, their bodies often exchange testosterone for estrogen at an increased rate. Estrogen, in turn, causes belly fat. It becomes a vicious circle. This is why raising testosterone levels without controlling estrogen is counterproductive and why losing weight if your hormones are out of whack will be nearly impossible.


Unlike testosterone, we don’t think of estrogen as being a hormone that needs to be replaced. Instead, it needs to be controlled. Estrogen in men should be kept within a tight window. If it’s too high or too low, there can be symptoms.


Our doctors control estrogen as part of our treatment programs by placing men on an estrogen blocker as needed. Estrogen blockers effectively suppress estrogen conversion at the same time as we’re increasing testosterone levels, thereby eliminating existing symptoms, and preventing future ones.




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