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Bio Performance provides something for everyone. With scientifically proven products and services we transform lives using a unique approach to health, wellness, and lifestyle. Whether you want to become a customer, or build your own Independent Business, Bio Performance can help.


Work on your own time and as much or as little as you want. You are in charge but you are not alone. The Bio Performance community is here to help you grow and expand your new business. Let’s get started.

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Benefit Perks
Retail Commission
Earn up to 30% of commissionable value on customer purchases.
Earn Residual Income
Build a profitable business with Bio Performance Independent Business.
Override Commission
Introduce new Brand Ambassadors and receive commissionable value overrides.
Brand Ambassador Bonus Pool
Are you a customer getter? Earn commissions and extra bonuses while building your retail customer base.
Discount Product Purchases
Buy Bio Performance products at the preferred discounted rate.
Support & Training
Bio Performance training provides ongoing support.